Shadybird (known as Lady Gug in PAL regions) is a black version of the Scarab Nabber with 210 HP and can be only fought in the Battle Ring.


This Scarab Nabber has black arms and a black face. The rest of the body is covered with black dots, making this ghost resemble a ladybug.


Attacks are exactly the same as the Scarab Nabber, with the addition of the ghost sending ladybugs when Luigi is sucking him up.

North American Dual Scream DescriptionEdit

His name may have "bird" in it, but don't expect him to sing for you!

Age: Unknown

Heart Quote: He should be gone by now!

European Dual Scream DescriptionEdit

Sure, his name might have the word "lady" in it, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Age: 22

Heart Quote: I hate that fat plumber!