Captain A.Cod, Or Alivan Cod, Is a salior trying to find BIG BOB, the Fish that got away. He Resates in the Captian's Quaters.

Game-boy Horror/Dual Scream Entry:

"This Captain Sails the Sea trying to catch BIG BOB. He used to make his crew walk the plank, but now he just prefers floating."

Heart Quote: "Big Bob, Save your Game and Prayers..."


Enter the Captain's Quaters. You will see him reading a book. First, Talk to him. He will tell you about how he's reading to try and catch Big Bob. Suddenly, he notcies that you're not one of his crew and attacks. He Tries to Real you in with a fishing Rod. After he does this 2 times, He will suddenly rage at you. You know when he does this because he sighes Deeply. Stand infront of the desk to expose his heart. He has 100 HP and a very weak pull.


-This is one of the bosses that start a boss battle.

-His name spells out A COD.

-This is one of the 4 bosses on the "SCARY SEAS."