Blue Berry is a special ghost who's blue like a blue berry. This oh so blue ghost has 150 HP and is really dangerous.


The Blue Berry's attacks all involve spitting out vomit. The ghost can spit vomit when it appears, when it's getting sucked up to prevent Luigi from sucking up the pucking ghost and he panickes and spits out three sets of 10 vomit blasts at once!

Dual Scream InformationEdit

Is it me or does this ghost look ready to sing the blues? Blue Berry is one who had temper tantrums almost every day! His death involved jumping into a volcano with 70 packs of dynamite. If he survived, that was pretty ridiculous...

Age: 7

Heart Quote: Mom! A green fat plumber is about to suck me up! I have vomit and am not afraid to use it!!!